Getting Started

Requires: PHP 7.2 or later

First, install Arionum PHP via the Composer package manager:

composer require pxgamer/arionum-php

Set up the Arionum instance

$nodeUri = 'https://node-uri-here';
$arionum = new pxgamer\Arionum\Arionum($nodeUri);

Within Laravel

For use within Laravel, there is a Laravel Arionum adapter:

# Require the Laravel adapter package
composer require pxgamer/laravel-arionum

# Publish the configuration file
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="pxgamer\LaravelArionum\ArionumServiceProvider"

To configure the Arionum node that is used, set the ARIONUM_NODE_URI environment variable in .env file.

All existing methods can be called statically via the Arionum facade.