General Usage


Generate a new account


Generate a new account locally


Get an address from a public key


Get the alias for a specific address


Get the public key for an address


Get the balance for an address


Get the pending balance for an address



Get a list of transactions for an address


Get a list of transactions for a public key


Get a specific transaction by its id



Get the current block


Get a specific block by its height


Get transactions for a specific block



Get a list of available masternodes on the network


Node Details

Get details about the node


Get the version of the current node


Get details about the nodes sanity process


Get the number of transactions in the mempool



Get a Base58-encoded version of a string


Check the validity of an address


Check the validity of a signature

$arionum->checkSignature('signature', 'data', 'public_key');

Get a random number based on a specified block

$arionum->getRandomNumber(1, 1, 1000);